maybe when the sun comes out for good, I’ll be able to breathe again
please do spare me until then
you’re taking up all of the good air

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You are a perfectly crafted criminal, your crime on the other end of my spectrum. Quick! Hide that bag you filled with secrets of my body, before anyone even knows I’m not still there. Before they find out it was you. How could they let you get away with it?
Throw it over your shoulder like grains of salt, maybe you’ll get lucky this time. Guaranteed, actually. Each time you do, spoiling the fresh water, creating a sea of good times, nothin’ butt.

This has been sitting in my drafts for MONTHS, probably since May or June. It’s also unfinished but I just read it for the first time since I started it the other day and it actually isn’t so bad.
Or maybe it is and I’m just on drugs. Anyhow, this was the result of some raw ass emotions that are not so raw anymore.
I’ve got clear eyes! 

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April 19:

I skipped yesterday because I was out all day and too exhausted when I got home.
Interview from Seventeen Magazine:

"fight, make somebody mad, scream, then apologize." 

April 17:

An article about Justin Bieber
How do I keep managing to color in the words I want to use??:

"Can you sing when he’s around?" 

April 16:

National Honor Society pamphlet:

"Leaders often depend on experience." 

April 15:

The “A” in the beginning was accidentally colored in!
Alternative Press article:

"A dozen hurricanes follow fucking.
Your demons will influence the world.”

April 14:

Teen Vogue article:

"Barbie is no stranger to the Dream." 

April 13:

Happy Friday the 13th!
Teen Vogue article:

"I wear sentences,
   they just exist in crazy minutes.” 

April 12:

No scanner and no legitimate piece of writing, so this is my “This Page Cannot Be Opened” poem. Thank you Google Chrome!:”

"Be misconfigured, also unresponsive.
Later, try following these steps:
Improve performance.” 

April 11:

Newspaper letter:

"Repair her loose stitches.
Improper threading. Improper.
That can be corrected

drop the machine.”