boycott all non-organic food

white male leftist who’s never gone hungry/lived off of food stamps his entire life (via aloofshahbanou)

I hate it when people politicize food consumption

Hate it

Like you never had only $20 in your bank account and could only afford to eat Kraft for a week man

Shut the fuck up. 

I understand that Monsanto is the devil and I hate them and I hate monoculture agriculture too

But don’t penalize the people who don’t have the means to make a ~*~ideological lifestyle~*~ out of their food choices

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Feeling this so much lately. Recognize people’s economic realities.

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Recognize people’s economic realities.

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Mi-Young Choi (b. South Korea, resides London, UK) - Enlightenment, 2013     Paintings: Oil on Canvas

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Valentino spring 2015 rtw details

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have you seen this dog


look at him

now i have

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walked to the beach and I don’t regret it a bit it’s beautiful right now

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